L’Affaire est Ketchup

IMG_6205The Saint-Roch district is one of the nice areas in the city of Quebec, in which you can find the biggest library of the city, auditoriums, galleries but also many cafes, bars and restaurants. Among all those restaurants, the Affaire est Ketchup restaurant is a safe bet.

This small bistro restaurant was founded by two friends, Olivier  Lescelleur St-Cyr and François Jobin. The general atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and the decor is pretty simple. You are welcomed by a waiter who takes the time to explain you each dish of the menu.

As for the food, the menu is delicious and changes regularly with the seasons . On the menu when I went there: sweetbreads, razor clam, deer, duck, goat. I was a little disappointed my piglet dish though, I would have liked it better with a crispy skin.

The desserts are not too heavy and end the meal well.

IMG_6209 IMG_6208

L’Affaire est Ketchup
46 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec, QC G1K 3A6
Telephone: (418) 529-9020
Menu: 20-30$
Openings: Tuesday to Sunday
Website: https://fr-ca.facebook.com/laffaireest.ketchup


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