Beef Bo Bun

IMG_5997A classic of Asian cuisine! In Laos we call it Bun Bi. I never really needed to cook this dish because I very often had the opportunity to enjoy the one of my mom. As I am far now and because you don’t cross the oceans everyday I decided to cook this dish myself!


– 10,6oz of beef

– 1 onion

– Vermicelli rice

– 2 carrots

– 1 cucumber

– 1 iceberg lettuce

– Mint

– Coriander

– Cashew nuts

– Olive oil

– Oyster Sauce

– Peanut oil

– Salt, pepper

– Oyster Sauce

For the sauce:

– Fish Sauce

– Water

– Sugar

– White vinegar


– Chop the onions and beef.

– Marinate the beef with a little bit of oyster sauce, season with salt and pepper.

– Chop lettuce, carrots and cucumbers aside.

– Cook the vermicelli in water.

– Mix the cashew nuts.

– Brown the onions and the marinated beef with peanut oil.

– In a bowl put some vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and beef.

– Add cashews, mint, coriander and finally the sauce.

It’s ready, you can finally enjoy your Bo Bun!


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