Chez Victor

IMG_6180Do you like burgers? If so you will not be disappointed!

Chez Victor is one of those restaurants chains made in Quebec (like Ashton for poutine ) and has a dozen establishments .
I tested the one located on Saint-Jean street, which is not far from my home. The concept of the restaurant is to offer quality burgers, with fries and homemade sauces, served with good ingredients and good bread, with or without gluten (a trend). Is eating healthy possible with a hamburger? Not sure but it feels so good sometimes. The atmosphere is not hype but relaxed, the setting is pleasant .
On the menu you find classic things but also original recipes with chicken , salmon, lamb, duck or wild boar. Be careful because the portions are really big, there is no risk of being hungry after !

Chez Victor
145 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R 1N4
Telephone: (418) 529-7702
Menu: 13,5$-17,5$
Openings: Everyday


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