Île d’Orléans is characterized by its landscapes and local products. There you will find vineyards (wine, cider), honey and maple, but not only. During the sugar season in spring, when the maple tree sap begins, you can also enjoy a traditional meal around the maple syrup. Some maple syrup producers have restaurants, in that case you have the possibility to eat there.

This year for my first sugar shack I decided to try L’En-Tailleur, a sugar house located in Île d’Orléans since generations.
When we arrive the place has a shop with a wide range of maple products (butter, syrup, sauces, jelly), a musician is also there to put us in Quebec’s folklore. The atmosphere is friendly and warm.
The room looks like a school cafeteria. On the tables there are maple syrup bottles, which gives us a brief overview of what awaits us during the evening.
Pea soup, cretons (sort of rillettes), pickled beets, fruit ketchup, fried potatoes, beans, buttered bread, oreilles de crisse (grilled pork), omelette, ham, sugar pie, and a lot of maple syrup.



We finish the meal in style with a tasting of maple taffy on snow: the concept is to put maple syrup on snow and then wrap it around a small stick, the result is a maple lollipop, yes maple again, we didn’t have enough tonight!
Finally the meal is nothing special but the quality is more than acceptable, knowing that it is sometimes possible to have bad surprises when you go to other places. Nevertheless we had a good time so the place is worth to try. The experience is rich and intense so I advise you to eat wich moderation !
Will you try the experience?

1447, chemin Royal
Saint-Pierre, Île d’Orléans G0A4E0
Telephone: (418) 828-1269
Menu: 25$ (without drinks)
Openings: March-April
Website: http://www.entailleur.com


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