L’Inox Maîtres Brasseurs

inox (Copier)

Welcome beer lovers !
Inox is one of the many microbreweries you can find in Quebec City but also in the province. Founded in 1987, the establishment is a real institution in the city.

Now located on Grande Allée, the place was once in the Old Port area. Despite the change of ownership in 2014, the microbrewery has kept its historical beers : Transat blonde (blond) , Trouble-fête (white) and Trois de pique (ginger). The atmosphere in the bar is relaxed and friendly .
The place is also known for its European hot dogs, and since I was intrigued by the name I decided to have one to go with my beer. Finally you discover  that the name comes from the french bread. The hotdog itself is correct and has nothing special.
What we won’t forget from the bar is that the beers are good, prices are not excessive and in summer you can enjoy the terrace, as a conclusion it is a place to try !

L’Inox Maîtres Brasseurs
655, Grande Allée Est, Quebec, Quebec, Canada, G1R 2K
Telephone: (418) 692-2877
Beers: 5-8$
Openings: Everyday
Website: http://www.inox.qc.ca



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