Haaaa New York…his streets, monuments, buildings, musicals, shops, restaurants, people. This is the 2nd time I go there and the fervor is still the same: this city continues to fascinate and surprise me, you never get bored there, it’s simply magic !!
I decided to go there for the Easter weekend, just to escape the beaten paths of Quebec and also to remember my memories of my Parisian life. I also met again a friend I haven’t seen since almost 9 year (many emotions!), here is the summary of these 4 days!

Day 1: Times Square – Central Park – Union Square – Broadway Show

Arrival at Penn Station in the morning around 7am after a night on the bus: the conditions were not really comfortable and we did not sleep much during the night, it means that you are not really fresh when you arrive ! The only advantage of taking the bus is not to pay too much for the transport.
After this interlude we are going towards Times Square. When we arrived there were very few people and the atmosphere was calm and quiet, a real surprise. We made a short break in a snack (Europa Cafe), which has a good value for money, and then we went for a walk towards Central Park through the 5th Avenue, just to hang out
a bit in front of the shops. At Rockefeller Center we could admire a beautiful flower decoration and a giant rabbit, which had been set up especially for Easter.

IMG_0717     IMG_0736

After walking by the whole 5th Avenue until the Apple Store we set out for a stroll in Central Park, which ended at Shake Shack, a mandatory stop when we go to New York. There are several of them but this one were on the 77th street.



After this foodie break back to Times Square to pick up tickets at the TKTS booth for a musical show. As expected there is an impressive line. For the show the choice will finally be Finding Neverland, a new show with Matthew Morrison (okay I watch Glee). To wait until the evening we stayed in Union Square, with a little snack break at Max Brenner, a delight all in chocolate. After the show we made a small detour to see Times Square at night: it’s like daylight, amazing.





Day 2: Harlem – Soho, Noho, Nolita – Greenwich Village

The next morning after waking up I improvised the day’s program in minutes, as I usually do. Then we set off and went first to Harlem for a little walk in the neighborhood, which is really a reflection of what we can imagine, compared to movies or series that you had watched. On Easter Friday I had hoped to have the occasion to go to a Gospel Mass, unfortunately my hopes were in vain. To get a little bit of comfort we decided to go to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a center for research and documentation on black culture,in which we found an interesting exhibition.


After Harlem we headed towards the Natural History Museum, it really is a beautiful museum. We learn many things, the universe is very educational and interactive, which is perfect for children. Then little visit of SoHo, Noho and Nolita districts. In addition to the shops, restaurant and bars you will all see street art as you walk through the streets.





To end the day we went Greenwich Village, a lively area. In addition to its bars and clubs you will also find places to see jazz concerts or places for stand-up comedy.

Day 3: Financial District – Brooklyn – Flatiron District

For this full last day we first took the ferry to Staten Island, the objective was to see the Statue of Liberty thanks to the ferry and avoid the big line when you decide to go there directly. The advantage is that the ferry is free. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with that idea. At Staten Island there weren’t much to see so we headed back immediately to go to the financial district. After a walk in Wall Street area and a detour by Century 21 for some shopping we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge, with few stops at the September 11 Memorial and Museum. The atmosphere is a little sad and depressing, as you would expect.

IMG_0805    IMG_0813

IMG_0832      IMG_0842


Once the emotion sequence is over and after a long walk we finally arrived on the Brooklyn Bridge. It took almost an hour to cross the entire bridge, the big crowd not arranging anything. Once we were on the other side a tour of Brooklyn was improvised.

We ended the evening with barbecue ribs in the Flatiron District neighborhood, not far from Madison Square Garden, it was so good!


Day 4: Time to go home

The last day was quite short because we had to take the bus at 1:30PM and I am really looking forward to take the bus again ! Before that there was just enough time to grab a breakfast with one last donut, buy some stuffs in shops, take some last pictures, have a big last burger and then it’s already time to say goodbye to the Big Apple!

Bye bye New York, I’ll be back soon!!


Some addresses:

– Shake Shack
– Five guys
– Momofuku

– Fat Cat (billiards, table tennis, board games)
– Fat Black Pussicat
– The Village Underground

– Max Brenner
– Junior’s

– Century 21
– Times Square
– 5th Avenue


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