Pub du Parvis

IMG_5907You wonder why a poutine picture right? Just because I didn’t have another. The picture doesn’t represent the place at all but I went there during the poutine week, which took place in February, and during which many restaurants offer their original recipe. So I tasted the one from the Pub du Parvis, who had prepared a poutine recipe with lamb, and which was very good.

The pub is located on Saint-Joseph Street, a great place for a drink before a show or if you want to party in the area afterwards.
The choice of drinks is pretty classic, you have for example Carlsberg or 1664.
The bar broadcasts hockey or soccer games, which is really nice when you come from France and you want to watch a Champion’s League game !

Pub du Parvis
481 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K 3B6
Telephone: (418) 524-0812
Beers: 7-10$
Openings: Everyday


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