What to visit in Quebec City?


If you like the European architecture you will love Quebec. That is why many tourists from North America like to visit Quebec. The city is really charming and the streets are nice to walk on. Far from the crowd and the stress you can have elsewhere, the atmosphere of the city is very peaceful and calm. This is rather pleasant when you come from the big city.

Here are some places not to be missed !

Old Quebec:


Petit Champlain district:

Montmorency Falls:


Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier:

IMG_1277 (Copier)

Other places to visit: The Citadelle of Quebec, the Plains of Abraham, the Parliament, the Old Port, the Aquarium,  the main streets (St-Jean, Grande Allée, Cartier, Saint-Joseph Est), shopping centers (Galeries de la Capitale, Laurier ) .

In winter you will also be able to visit the Ice Hotel .


You can also enjoy many activities : skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog-sleddling, sliding at Valcartier Vacation Village, rafting, Quebec Winter Carnival.


Some addresses:

– Métropolitain Eddie Sushi Bar
– Bistro B
– Le moine échanson
L’Affaire Est Ketchup
Patente et machin
Chez Boulay
– Hosakaya ramen
Chez Victor

– Brasserie La Korrigane
– Petits creux grands crus
– Pub Galway
– La Ninkasi
Pub St-Alexandre
Pub du Parvis

– Chocolats favoris (ice cream and chocolate)
– Brûlerie Saint Roch (coffee)
– Brûlerie St-Jean (coffee)


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