Patente Et Machin

IMG_6706 (Copier)The Saint-Sauveur district is located in lower Town of Quebec, close to the famous Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Renowned for its shops, the area has also many restaurants, including Patente and Machin. People are talking a lot about it and I was looking forward to try the place so we went there one night with friends for dinner!

Patente and Machin is the little brother of L’Affaire est Ketchup, with the same owners and you really can see that… like a lot! For the record “patente” means the main dish and “machin” is a starter. When we arrived at the restaurant we discovered a retro bistro, in which we found like his brother’s place that same relaxed atmosphere, the opened kitchen, that same slate that displays the menu, that waiter bringing the slate and describing each dish of the menu with lots of spirit (sometimes with the same tone used by the waiters of his brother’s place!). The copy is almost perfect. But we do not change a winning team you will tell me.

The restaurant’s philosophy is based on local products with a mix of meat and fish. The menu is rich, varied and changes with the seasons. There is also a wide choice for wines, and we started with a drink to wait for the dishes to arrive. Unfortunately the wait was long and we had to take several glasses of wine before the arrival of the food.

After an hour waiting the “machins” arrived: gravlax salmon, snails and foie gras.

IMG_6709 (Copier)

IMG_6707 (Copier)

For the “patentes” we had bison, scallops and sweetbreads.

IMG_6712 (Copier)

Finally the wait has not been in vain, and despite the feeling of “deja vu” the dishes were very far from disappointing: indeed it was very good!


Patente et Machin
82 Rue Saint-Joseph Ouest, Quebec G1K 1W9
Telephone : (581) 981-3999
Menu : 20-40$
Openings : Everyday


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