Le Clocher Penché

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What can we possibly do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? The idea of ​​a brunch seemed fair to me. With “the gang” (group of friends), we had decided to go in the Saint-Roch district to try the brunch of the Clocher Penché.

The restaurant claims a market cuisine with quality products that come from local producers. Pork and pigeon come from the farm of Pigeonneaux Turlo (St-Gervais), organic vegetables from Ferme des Monts (Charlevoix), cheeses from Ferme Ducrêt (Saint-Basile). These artisans also supply a large number of restaurants in the province of Quebec.

At the Clocher Penché the atmosphere is quiet, familial, serious also but you go there to eat after all. The decor is simple with a French bistro-style and paintings that decorate the walls. The staff of the restaurant is professional and nice.

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The brunch menu offers a wide and varied selection, divided into 10 dishes (fruits, vegetables, fish or meat), each dish served with either a gourmet verrine, a soup or a salad, and also with tea or coffee. Compared to Parisian brunches I am used to I notice the absence of bread slices and pastries.

We begin the brunch with a cocktail of red fruits. To go with the cocktail the abbé Chamel dish (poached egg, waffle, ham, cheese, bechamel sauce, mushrooms, hash browns potatoes) won the votes of my friends, while I decided to go with the Senior Canardo (duck confit, rocket, bacon, boiled egg). I also choose the gourmet verrine to have a little sweet touch.

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When the dishes arrive we discover plates that would had the merit of having a better presentation. However the quality is there: it’s simple, it’s good and we have a good time!

Le Clocher Penché
203 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec, QC G1K 3B1
Telephone: (418) 640-0597
Menu: 20-30$
Brunch: 17-20$
Openings: Tuesday to Sunday
Website: http://www.clocherpenche.ca/




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