Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

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Hello, I’m back after 10 intense days at the Quebec City Summer Festival! Today we are going to the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier.

The province of Quebec has a total of 23 national parks, all managed by Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ), a Quebec government corporation.

Among these national parks, there is the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, located 30 minutes north of Quebec City. You will find peace and serenity, beautiful landscapes, a beautiful valley and many nice hiking trails. The park also offers many activities: you can do either camping, canoeing, fishing, biking or rafting. In winter you will also be able to go snowshoeing there. And if you are lucky you might be able to see moose, caribou, deer, wolves, foxes, bears, otters, porcupines and beavers.

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When we arrived the lady who welcomed us gave us a brochure with a list of possible activities and introduced us a few. We came for biking so when she started to talk about that we were naturally happy. After a brief presentation of biking paths the lady stared at us with insistance and mentioned that biking paths of the park were made for athletes: we deduced that we should consider other activities and we choose instead to go for a hiking. One of the most popular and offering a beautiful panorama being Sentier des Loups, we logically took that direction.

The Sentier des Loups, it’s 11 km of length, 2 points of view, three and a half hour of walk, in the difficult category, and with a difference in heigh of about 450 meters. The walk is expected to be long and difficult, especially as the heat is getting stronger. So it is with courage and abnegation that we started the ascent. After a one-hour walk we arrived at the first point of view, which is halfway, the opportunity to take a short lunch break while enjoying the wonderful view that we discovered.

IMG_1233 (Copier)

IMG_1243 (Copier)

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A few minutes later we decided to go back to the hiking path, towards the second point of view. The legs started to become heavy, however we found the energy to keep moving forward thanks to the people we met on the road. Abandoning is out of the question, knowing that other people succeeded! An hour later we finally arrived at 2nd point of view: it’s just beautiful. A long time is spent to admire the beautiful landscape.

IMG_1258 (Copier)

IMG_1262 (Copier)

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IMG_1268 (Copier)

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Despite the way home ahead of us, the fatigue and a few mosquito bites (don’t forget to take with you a mosquito repellent), the long walk has not been vain because the visit of the park is really worth the trip.


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