Ciel! Bistro-Bar

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Rooftops appeared in New York and then gradually invaded the big cities of the world: London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, and through Singapore … People go there to have a drink, to eat or even for parties. Nowadays there are many in France and I even had the opportunity to try a few in Paris last summer.
In Quebec you won’t have the chance to enjoy rooftops but you will a rotating restaurant instead, Ciel! Bistro-Bar, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

Located for more than 40 years downtown and close to Grande Allée street, the Concorde hotel offers to the customers of the restaurant, which is on the 28th floor, a wonderful view of Quebec city. Formerly called the Astral the restaurant changed its name in fall 2014 and became Ciel! Bistro-Bar, after renovations which took place a year earlier. When my parents came to visit me in Quebec this summer I decided to take them there for a brunch, the perfect opportunity to discover the place.

When you leave the elevator that leads to the top floor you find a contemporary, clean and simple decor, which is perfect for tasting a good meal while enjoying the beauty of the panorama at the same time. We are welcomed by a waitress who is both smiling and kind. The brunch menu is rather simple with dishes titles that are giving a good idea of what we will be having for lunch.

We start the brunch with a cocktail, accompanied for me with a fruit and maple syrup yogurt. As the main dish cassoulet is served with hash browns, which are very good. The cooking of the meat is perfect, however I am not much of a fan of sweet beans or toasts that are half burned.

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The brunch ends with sweet treats, an hour and a half after we arrived: the restaurant has just completed a full turn!

The culinary experience will not remain engraved in my memory, however the place is a must-see due to its pleasant setting and the unique view it is offering, so you must try it at least once!

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Ciel! Bistro-Bar
1225 Cours du Général de Montcalm, Québec, QC G1R 4W6, Canada
Telephone : (418) 640-5802
Brunch: 17-19$
Menu: 30-50$
Openings: Everyday


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