Salmon and cucumber maki

maki saumon concombreIn recent years Japanese restaurants are popping up all over France, and as in Europe they are popular in Canada. It seems that Quebec is following this trend: restaurateurs are taking advantage of this craze for Japanese cuisine and many chain restaurants have emerged.
Although we love to go to the restaurant it is also nice to be home sometimes. Or when you’re at home and you start feeling the sushi or maki urge, the simplest solution is to call the nearest the delivery man. But is it really difficult to make them yourself? You like Japanese food and you have time ? Well that’s perfect because today I offer you a maki workshop!


– 7oz of Japanese rice

– Rice vinegar

– Sugar

– Salt

– 1 cucumber

– 7oz of Fresh salmon

– Nori seaweed sheets


For the rice:

– Cook the rice in a pressure cooker or in a saucepan over low heat and cover with water for 15 minutes

– Leave to cool and add rice vinegar

For the rolls:

– Cut into slices salmon and cucumber

– Put rice on the seaweed sheet

– Put over a sliver of salmon and cucumber

– Wrap the seaweed sheet and cut the roll into slices of 1 inch

Your maki are ready now, enjoy!


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