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If you love New York you will certainly be seduced by Toronto. Like its big sister the city has many skyscrapers and a strong dynamism on both the cultural and the economic aspect. Located in the province of Ontario, Canada’s largest city is also one of the most cosmopolitan in the world, with half of its residents born outside its borders. As you wander the streets of the city you can quickly get from one to another continent, from Little Italy to Chinatown, Koreatown or Little Tibet through Greektown, Little Portugal, Little Malta and end in Little India.
This summer my friends from Paris M & M came to visit me in Quebec city. Happy to see them again, I was also eager to make them discover my country of adoption. For the occasion we had decided to go on a roadtrip by following the “classic” itinerary of a tourist in Canada : Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and a whale watching excursion to end our trip. The program was quite intense and ambitious knowing that we had only 6 days ahead of us. So no time to waste then I put on my Jason Statham costume, then with M & M and the usual great team we set off to Toronto!

Day 1: Little Italy – Queen Street West – CN Tower – Dundas Square

After a night in Montreal we hit the road again the next morning and we arrived in Toronto seven hours later. Our accommodation was in the Italian neighborhood so we went there to drop off our luggages. The apartment was located above a restaurant. Once the car was parked, one of the restaurant employees told us that we were not in the right spot so he told us where we should park. We will then take a short break before to begin our discovery of the city !

We began our walk in the Italian neighborhood, close to Little Portugal, along Queen Street West that leads directly downtown. Around us we could see shops or galleries. We also enjoyed the street art during our walk.

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Little by little we were more and more hungry. We decided to take a burger break at A&W, which became kind of our theme of the week. Then with a full stomach we headed toward the CN Tower. Gradually as we got closer to it immense towers began to appear.

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We finally arrived at the CN Tower, the symbol of the city : welcome to the future!

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We then headed towards the entrance to go to the top. Inside a two-hour line was waiting for us, which made us doubt a little bit but didn’t stop us. After all we have time when we are tourists right? When we got to the top of the tower we discovered a magnificent view of the city: it was worth the wait! We somewhat regretted not to be “really” outside.

IMG_1692 (Copier)

IMG_1705 (Copier)

IMG_1704 (Copier)After this aerial observation of the city we continued our walk. We arrived in the financial district and then we went up Yonge Street, the longest street in the world, with its 1,178 miles.

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Our walk ended at Dundas Square, a sort of low cost version of Times Square: it was already time for the happy hour! Then we had dinner in an Asian restaurant.

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Day 2: Niagara Falls – Toronto Islands

The second day began with a breakfast in an Italian café, so as to have an espresso: that changes from the coffee at Tim Hortons! After being full of energy we went to the car, where a surprise was waiting for us. Indeed, when we got to the parking the car was gone. Obviously the location that the restaurant employee had told us the day before was not good… It’s not a bad thing because I had never set foot in an impound so it was the occasion to go there!

After this fortuitous episode and a hundred dollars lost, Jason was back in action and we took the road to Niagara Falls. Once there we discovered a city that  somewhat reminded us of Las Vegas, on a much smaller scale.

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We walked along the river while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The falls are just beautiful: a wonder of nature!

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Back in Toronto we were heading then to the islands, which are accessible in about twenty minutes by ferry. The calm around us was soothing, compared the bustling downtown. There are green spaces there and even beaches. Before taking the boat again we enjoyed one last time the view on the skyline.

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The evening ended in style with a dinner at an Italian restaurant: the dishes were good, the decor was pleasant, the waitresses were charming.

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Here’s how our trip ended, goodbye Toronto I am looking forward to see you again!! It did not really mean the end of our trip and as soon as we left the city Jason already had to get back to work…

Some addresses:

Spring Rolls (Dundas Street West)

Imperial Pub
Spice Route


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