When autumn comes

autaumn3 (Copier)Autumn in Quebec is a season that does not last very long, indeed the cold arrives quickly. This is a period when temperatures drop suddenly and make us almost forget about the feeling of the sun on our skin. The trees are gradually emptied of their leaves. The days are becoming less sunny too. Summer is long gone.

During autumn a time also comes when, during a few days, temperatures rise and become pleasant again, as a brief extension of sunny days. It is the opportunity to enjoy one last heat before the arrival of winter: happy Indian summer! Some people choose parks or lakes, other prefer terraces of bars or restaurants. Whether it is for camping, fishing, barbecue, drink with friends, the most important thing is to be outside.

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In addition to the good weather, Indian summer goes with a transformation of the trees, which happens after the temperatures drop. Their leaves turn red, orange, yellow, with different tones. Along the roads, in the parks, it is a festival of colors: simply splendid!
Each year at this period many tourists come to visit Quebec so as to observe the color of the leaves. You can particularly see cruise ships docked along the waterfront.

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And what about you, will you come to Quebec in autumn?

Where to go:
– National Parks: Jacques-Cartier, Mont Tremblant, Fjord-du-Saguenay …
– Charlevoix
– Île d’Orléans

From the end of September to mid-October


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