La Bête Bar Steakhouse

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Hidden somewhere in the building Delta 3 on Laurier boulevard, La Bête Bar-Steakhouse is a place for meat lovers. The beast found there is a classified AAA and Prime beef, the guarantee of high quality, which is defined by the marbling: the more important it is and the more tender and juicy the meat will be. Add to that an aging of 35 to 40 days in order to accentuate the flavor and tenderness, and you have all the ingredients to satisfy your carnivorous instincts. The place seemed to be like a mandatory stop for me and it was just a matter of time before I decided to go there!

Once you have found the entrance of the restaurant you will discover a cozy and sieved atmosphere. The place is rather classy and chic. At the entrance on the left there is some kind of meat exhibition. Close to it at the center of the room there is an artificial fireplace. On the ceiling you can see golden empty frames, among the tables magnums of wine. The walls are black and a purple light illuminates the bar.

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On the menu it is a no surprise that we find beef. There is also fish but it would probably call into question the choice of the restaurant. The wine list is interesting as well thanks to its great variety. Before ordering the waitress gave us a little bovine biology course, allowing us to validate or not our choices. In the end I chose the New York, a sirloin steak of 10 ounces(about 280 grams). To wait jerky beef was available as an appetizer. It might have deserved a little seasoning considering the efforts required for fragile teeth. Fortunately this detail was quickly forgotten thanks to the red wine we ordered.

The dishes came with fries, potatoes or garlic mashed garlic potatoes, as desired. Each dish is served with a pepper sauce or the one your choice, but charged in this case, to our deep regret. This detail did not prevent us from enjoying our meat. It was tender and tasty, we enjoyed!

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The meal ended with a little sweet touch: crème brulée and chocolate cake. A little sweetness is always nice, however it is not necessarily what we will remember of the place.

IMG_8284 (Copier)

IMG_8285 (Copier)

When the waitress brought the bill we closed our eyes. And although it was a rather expensive one, we leaft more than satisfied.


La Bête Bar Steakhouse
2875 Boulevard Laurier, Québec, QC G1V 2M2
Telephone: (418) 380-8166
Menu: 30-50$
Openings: Everyday


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