Beef bourguignon

IMG_8933Hi guys,
Today, I was missing France. Indeed I was there recently for Christmas and New Year. It was the opportunity, like all of my colleagues like to say sometimes, to find again my beret, my striped jersey, my saucisson, cheese and my baguette under my arm. I have also met again the entire family and friends. Like a daydream somehow. And since I was missing France, today I decided to make a beef bourguignon!


– 21oz of beef

– 1 chicken stock cube

– 4 onions

– 4 carrots

– 7oz of white mushrooms

– 26oz of red wine

– 1oz of butter

– Salt, pepper, 2 bay leaves

– Rice for the side dish


– Cut the beef into cubes.

– Cut the onions and carrots into slices, slice the mushrooms.

– In a big pan brown onions and beef in butter, add salt and pepper.

– Add the red wine, cover the meat with water, add the chicken stock cube and bay leaves.

– Add the carrots and onions.

– Simmer over low heat for 1 hour and a half to 2 hours, stirring and adding water if necessary.

– Pass through a sieve in another saucepan.

For the presentation:

– On a plate place on one side the beef bourguignon, on the other the rice.

It’s ready now, enjoy your meal!


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