Les Sales Gosses

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The first time I had heard of the Sales Gosses restaurant, it was during an Iron Chef (cooking contest) which was organized last year during a wine fair. Since the show I always kept that name in mind because I thought it was funny name. And by dint of talking about the restaurant, one day my friends have finally cracked and decided to take me there for my birthday. Cramming is paying off after all. Long live to propaganda!

The restaurant is located in Lower Town in the district of Saint-Roch, where many restaurants have settled. When you go inside you discover a simple decor, dominated by black and white colors, with just a few frames and mirrors on the walls. Like me, you would certainly have expected something a little more hare brained, because of the restaurant’s name. However the establishment remains in the trend of the “urban bistro”. This is obviously the big trend right now in the catering sector in Quebec.

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As soon as we arrived the welcome was perfect: the waiters were smiling and thoughtful. We immediately felt comfortable, which suggested a nice evening. The menu of the restaurant was rather varied and inspiring, except maybe for the desserts. However no set menus were offered, what a shame! For the starter I was hesitating between the hare rillette and the beef tartare. For the main dish it would be either the beef or the chicken that is to share. So I asked my friend GG about the chicken because we had shared one in Montreal some time ago. But this time GG did not wish to repeat the experience again because according to him the sharing was not fair last time. Moreover GG thinks that I eat like a horse. This theory is likely to be true. Maybe.

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After a few minutes of reflection and thanks to the wise advice of the waitress, my final choice was the tartare for the starter and the beef for the main dish. Then we waited quietly with a drink while waiting to be served. When the dishes arrived we discovered a neat presentation of the dishes. And it was not bad at all. People working here are not brats after all, as the restaurant’s name suggested first!

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Les Sales Gosses
620 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Ville de Québec, QC G1K 3B8
Telephone: (418) 522-5501
Menu: 30-50$
Openings: Monday to saturday
Website: http://lessalesgosses.ca


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