Noctem Artisans Brasseurs

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A few months ago a new microbrewery opened in the Saint-Roch district. After the Korrigane, the Barberie, here is the Noctem. Things always come in threes. At the entrance you see a cat on the sign. There is also one on the door. Is there a cat hidden inside bar? I have to inspect the facilities to make sure of it.

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When entering you find yourself in front of a large bar. The place does not lack of space, the decor is simple but pleasant: wooden benches, tables and a few paintings on the walls. The beers on the menu are brewed on site or in other microbreweries. To eat the choice is pretty classic: cooked meats, burgers, mac and cheese, hot dogs, chili etc …

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I am tempted by the “Je me souviens” IPA beer  (we are in Quebec after all), which I would gladly have with a burger. The burger is served with red cabbage, so imagine my disappointment… I asked the waitress if I could have some fries but unfortunately the place does not offer it – strange for a bar that serves food. That does not stop me from testing other beers (cheers!), and after several the fries episode is quickly forgotten – it’s almost time to go home but still no traces of the feline. Where are you little cat?


Noctem Artisans Brasseurs
438 Rue du Parvis, Ville de Québec, QC G1K 6H8
Telephone: (581) 742-7979
Beers: 7-10$
Menu: 15-20$
Openings: Tous les jours



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