Where to learn to ski in québec?

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Quebec City has the advantage of being close to several ski resorts – perfect for sliding sports lovers. Even if they do not have the sea, which is leading some to swim in the St. Lawrence River (this will give ideas to you Parisian friends perhaps?), Quebecers enjoy the snow through many activities (skiing, snowshoeing, skating…).

Before arriving in Quebec City I had never skied in my life. Learning is obviously more difficult as an adult, even though it is often said that there is no age to learn. But as I love challenges, I decided to take this one. This is accompanied by Rin and Cécile, that I went to the Relais. The ski resort, frequented mostly by families, has a low altitude – perfect for beginners who want to learn skiing. In addition the place has the advantage to be only 15 minutes away from Quebec by car.

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Once there, I spent a long time trying to put on my boots and then my skis. And a few minutes later I was finally ready to hit the slopes. When you leave the equipment rental local, there is a slight descent that leads to the ski lift. I told myself that it was the perfect opportunity to test my skis. Bad idea. I just arrived and I was already on the ground. It would probably not be the last time. I looked around me discreetly, hoping that nobody saw me. Missed. So I decided after that to wait for Cécile this time , our improvised ski instructor of the day. Cécile grew up on the slopes, which explains her natural ease on the snow. As a living she is an interior designer. Besides, I invite you to visit her Facebook page.

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After a few minutes briefing, it was armed with the very good advice of the coach that I was about to throw myself on the slopes. But before that, we must first pass the test of ski lift. I must admit that I’m pretty proud of myself because I did not once fell during the lifts. On the other hand it was a total different story on the slopes! Over the descents I
accumulated falls: once, twice, three times and so on. Until you stop counting, you know what I mean? Also, I had the bad habit of always forgetting the good advice of Coach Cecile. This will not stop me either. And despite all the stunts in the snow, it has been a great experience. I enjoyed myself and the main thing is there. Because as they say the most important is to participate, right? At least it has the merit of reassuring us sometimes.

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Le Relais
1084 Boulevard du Lac, Lac-Beauport, QC G3B 0X5
Website: http://www.skirelais.com/en/

Other places to ski:
– Stoneham
– Mont-Sainte-Anne
– Le Massif de Charlevoix


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