Le Chic Shack

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A few months ago I was watching a show on TV that talked about the Chic Shack food truck, located on Île d’Orléans, which is about a 30-minute drive from Quebec. I was like: “Great, food trucks in Quebec!”. My joy was short-lived.

Indeed, after some researchs with my friend Google I realized that there were none in Quebec. Whose fault is it? Probably that of the mayor or restaurateurs lobby, I guess. A sad observation, it made me a little bit bitter. However this situation may change as a pilot project is planned for…2017! Better late than never.

Failing to have his food truck, Chic Shack has its restaurant in Old Quebec. Maybe the name reminds you of something? As for me, it made me think of New York City and its delicious burgers from the Shake Shack restaurant. Have the Chic Shack owners been inspired by the US restaurant chain? Anyway it was in their restaurant that I was headed.

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The Chic Shack is located on rue du Fort in Old Quebec, near the Governor’s Promenade. Inside you will find a place that looks like a canteen in a 2.0 version. The atmosphere is casual. There are an open kitchen, wooden tables lined the center of each room and a little red to recall the restaurant’s logo.

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A waiter handed us a number that matched our table and invited us to go to the counter when we would be ready to order. A quite minimum service. On the menu there is a wide selection of burgers, poutine or salad. Meat, fowl, lobster, there is something for everyone. Even for vegetarians. I decided to take the BBQ burger, accompanied by a mixture of white potato and sweet potatoes fries. These are not included in the price burger and you will be charged for them. That did not stop me ordering.

A few minutes later my burger arrived: it looked a little bit stunted but I was still waiting to taste it because I thought I might have a good surprise.

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That would probably be for a next time. Indeed, despite the quality of the ingredients I was quite disappointed by the sauce, which was bland and too liquid. At first I thought it was an error because I did not recognized the taste of the barbecue, but after having asked the server he confirmed to me that this was actually the sauce that I had ordered. Perhaps have I come to the restaurant on a bad day? In the end if you like burgers you would rather prefer another place like Chez Victor for example. This was how my visit of the Chic Shack restaurant ended. The one in Old Quebec was continuing.


Le Chic Shack
15 Rue du Fort, Ville de Québec, QC G1R 3Z8
Telephone: (418) 522-5501
Menu: 10-30$
Openings: Tous les jours
Website: http://lechicshack.ca


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