Queen pizza

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Today is Mother’s Day, what is more normal than thinking about your mom! This day is celebrated in France the last Sunday of May, while in Canada and in the United States the celebration is held the second Sunday of May. So what is the link with pizza? None. Just wanted to eat one. I also thought that I will feel less stupid when my family will ask me the question: “Is the pizza dough homemade?”.

Long before my passion for table tennis started to be consumed, and before I discovered unsuspected talents for cooking – I who had never cooked – my mother was cooking at home for my father , my brother, my sister and I. Every single day. Do people only eat asian food in lao families? Not only rice, but a lot for sure!
At the beginning my mother was only preparing asian dishes. Nothing more obvious when you come from Laos you will tell me. And although her cooking is wonderful and famous in the family – even relatives in Canada or in the United States talk to me about it sometimes – my brother, my sister and I started to get tired of asian cuisine. The school cafeteria’s fault I suppose, because we started to love french food. It was from that moment that my mother, whose main goal in life is to make her children happy, decided to learn how to cook french: gratin dauphinois, sauerkraut, cassoulet etc. And every day my mother had to cook a different dish. Because obviously it was inconceivable for us to eat the same thing two days in a row. Sometimes it even happened that she had to make several dishes for the same evening, just to meet the demands of each child. Adorable children right, don’t you think?
Today the children are cooking too, so it happens from time to time that they cook for their mother during family meals, to please her and give her back all the love she gave them all these years. This goes beyond the cooking, of course.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom !


– 1 pizza dough

– 7oz of tomato coulis

– 5,3oz of white mushrooms

– 3,5oz of ham

– 4,4oz of mozzarella

– Salt, pepper

– 1,8oz of olive oil

– 0,2oz of oregano

For the pizza dough:
– 8,8oz of flour

– 8,8oz lukewarm water

– 0,2oz of yeast

– 0,2oz of sugar

– 0,2oz of salt



For the pizza dough:

– Mix the flour, the water, the yeast, the sugar and the salt.

– Knead while adding occasionally flour.

– Put the pizza dough in a bowl, cover the bowl(with a dish towel for example) and leave it at the room temperature for 30 minutes.

IMG_9632 (Copier)

For the pizza :

– Spread the pizza dough and place it on a plate or aluminum foil.

– Mix the tomato coulis with oregano, salt and pepper.

– Cut the ham into cubes, the mushrooms and mozzarella into slices.

– Spread the tomato coulis on the pizza dough.

– Add the ham, the mushrooms and the mozzarella.

– Bake 20 minutes in the oven. Monitor the baking process.


Now your pizza is ready, buon appetito!


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