Tora-Ya Ramen

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Located in Saint-Roch district, the Tora-Ya Ramen restaurant, formerly known as Hosakaya Ramen, has recently been renamed as Tora-Ya Ramen. This change allows the restaurant to differentiate itself from its little brother, Hosakaya Sushi, located in Limoilou district.

As its name implies, the Tora-Ya Ramen offers ramen to its customers, which is a specialty from Japan. For those who are not familiar with this dish, ramen is a soup made with miso or soy sauce, in which you usually put some meat or fish. Some of you may have discovered this dish by reading the Naruto manga.
In Japan, ramen has long been considered as a national dish, like foie gras in France. But it is only in recent years that ramen began to be known all around the world, like in France, in Canada or the United States. And today you may notice more and more ramen restaurants. Is the sushi market beginning to be saturated?
In the restaurant of the St. Joseph street you will be able to have chashu pork ramen, vegetarian or chicken ramen.

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You will also be able to accompany your ramen with gyoza or other appetizers.

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Inside the restaurant, the Japan theme is respected, and although the place is not big, the atmosphere there is warm, with the staff welcoming you in japanese for instance. A safe bet to taste ramen in Quebec.

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Tora-Ya Ramen
75 Rue St-Joseph Est, Québec, QC G2A 2S1
Telephone : (418) 780-1903
Menu: 10-20$
Openings: Tuesday to saturday


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