The fever of Festival d’été de Québec

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Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) is the musical event of the year in Quebec City, one of the biggest in Canada. When I arrived in the city, everyone I met told me about it, each time with great enthusiasm. “You’ll see, the festival is fun!”, people told me incessantly. Others, however, were more nostalgic, and were remembering about the festival when the festival was free or almost, and looked somewhat like a village feast. It must be said that the festival has changed a lot since its founding in 1968. Since its creation the festival has grown over the years with more and more artists. More renowned also. Today there are hundreds of artists performing on ten stages.

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So last year it was with eagerness that I had waited for the arrival of the FEQ 2015, as stories that were told to me had fed my high hopes to attend to spectacular festivities. And when the festival began, it was what I had wished for.

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During the FEQ this is an entire city that beats to the rhythm of the festival and its transformation. The number of inhabitants doubles and the peaceful atmosphere gives its place to the fervor and the crowd, the one that can be found in metropolis. Days go by and look the same: every day the music takes you to the end of the night.

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For the 2015 I had been seduced by the great Milky Chance, the sensitivity of Lily Kershaw, the energy of Pascale Picard. A little less by the nonchalance of Iggy Azaela. It also has to be noted that my Rolling Stones concert has been somewhat disrupted by the 2 hour wait before the hot dog stand, I have to say!

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What about 2016? I look forward to the concerts of The Lumineers, Cara Alessia (one of my 2015 favourite artists), Selena Gomez, and like everyone the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also look forward to discover the sweet voices of Safia Nolin and Charlotte Cardin, and to see on stage the Dead Obies and X Ambassadors. Also, the hip-hop day will certainly be a great moment (Rae Sremmurd, Fetty Wap, Ice Cube).


Festival d’été de Québec
Date: July 7 to 17, 2016
Place: Quebec City



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