Chocolats Favoris

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Chocolats favoris, it is more than 20 chocolate shops, spread everywhere throughout Quebec. Now the chocolate maker can even be found in Montreal, since the opening last month of a shop in Quartier des spectacles district. In addition to chocolates, the place offers 12 chocolate fondue flavors to coat your ice cream.

If you walk on Cartier avenue in Quebec city, you will not miss Chocolats favoris (located just next to the Starbucks at the intersection of René-Levesque boulevard), because the chocolate shop differs from other shops thanks to its big line in front of its entrance. For a long time all these people had discouraged me to go there, but by dint of hearing people talking about its famous ice cream (apparently the best in the world it would seem), one day I finally decided to go there.
On that day, like everyday, the crowd was at the meeting place, in front of the entrance. It was only after having waited several tens of minutes that I finally had the chance to enter the shop, which looked like a real paradise for chocolate lovers.

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Inside the shop is organized by theme: chocolate, fondue and ice cream. Among the 12 choices of coating, I was hesitating between the crunchy hazelnut, the flower of salt caramel and the maple vanilla, but finally I opted for my last choice to honour my host country. For the ice cream I choose the vanilla flavor. Classic.

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My opinion? Not bad and the chocolate is pretty good. But in my opinion not the best ice cream in the world, in any case it did not make me forget about those from Italy. Nevertheless a must-see place in Quebec that you have to try!


Chocolats Favoris
65 Boulevard René Lévesque Ouest
Telephone: (581) 741-3345
Price: 0-10$
Openings: Everyday


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