Nina Pizza Napolitaine

IMG_1451 (Copier)

It had been a while since I had wanted to go to Nina pizza napolitaine. The restaurant was part of my list of places to try but I never had the opportunity to go there.
The other day I was in the Saint-Roch district because I had planned to go to the Spot, an ephemeral bar set up this summer by students from Laval University. Unfortunately the rain had invited itself to the party, so I had to change my plans. By some happy coincidence, Nina’s pizzeria was not very far from where I was, on Saint-Joseph street. So my sidekick GG and I decided to go there.

When you enter the restaurant, the first thing you notice is its impressive wood oven. It’s impossible to miss it. The waitress who welcomed us was friendly and invited us to our table.
The room looks a little bit like a canteen: wooden tables and white walls. It is simple but nice nevertheless.
The menu offers a wide choice of pizzas with fifteen varieties. However the choice of starters is more limited and would deserve a little update, but we were there for pizza after all. My friend GG was tempted by the Barcelona (chorizo, manchego, mozzarella) while I chose the Funghi (pancetta, mushrooms, mozzarella).

IMG_1452 (Copier)

My assessment? The pizzas were very good with a thin crust. However I am putting a damper on the baking which was not really finished. But if you are looking for a nice place to eat a good pizza in Quebec, you should definitely go to Nina Pizza Napolitaine restaurant. You are not in Italy there but however you are close to it!


Nina Pizza Napolitaine
410 Rue Saint-Anselme, Ville de Québec, QC G1K
Telephone: (581) 742-2012
Menu: 15$-30$
Openings: Wednesday to monday


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