5 ways to immigrate to Canada


Each year, Canada welcomes to its territory several hundred thousand immigrants, like refugees, permanent residents, temporary workers or students, people who immigrate to Canada for different reasons.
Many French people decide to settle in Quebec because the French language is spoken there. This obviously makes the integration easier because there are already many changes: culture, climate, work, family, friends, social life. Sometimes these differences are too difficult to overcome, that is why about half of the French immigrants return to France after five years of life in Quebec. So if you plan to settle somewhere in Canada, it will be better if you are aware of the cultural differences that await you.
You have plans to move to Canada? This will require first that you obtain a visa. So here are five ways to help you to achieve this goal.

1 – Participate in the International Experience Canada (IEC)

The IEC is a program whichs helps people to discover Canada, with the opportunity to temporarily work there.
There are several categories:
– The Working Holiday Visa (WHV)
– The Young Professionals permit (YP)
– The International Co-op Internship permit

The WHV and YP permit are valid for 24 months and are aimed at people from 18 to 35 years of age, while the International Co-op Internship permit has a 12-month validity period and is more for students. Applications are submitted online and for each category the number of permits is limited.

In 2016 quotas for France were:
– 7900 permits for the WHV
– 2300 permits for the Young Professionals
– 4800 permits for the International Co-op Internship

For more details go to the website.

Also note that the WHV is also available for the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, France, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Belgium, Russia.

2 – Participate in the VIE (international intern in a company)

The VIE is a program that helps people to work abroad (including Canada) for a French company. To participate you must be between 18 and 28 years of age. The duration of missions varies between 6 and 24 months.

For more details visit civiweb.

3 – Find a job before leaving

Another way to go to Canada is to find a job before leaving your country. You will have a temporary work permit that will allow you to live in Canada, usually for a period of 3 years. However you will be bound to your employer within this period. If later on you wish to change job, your new employer will have to ask a new visa for you.
Each year Canadian and Quebec companies participate in missions in Europe, in order to meet skilled labor needs. Indeed, some sectors like IT are in high demand. In France you have the opportunity to participate in these recruitment missions, which take place during events in Paris such as Destination Canada or Journées Québec.

4 – Study in Canada

To study in Canada you will need:
– A letter of admission from a recognized institution
– A study permit

For a study permit in Quebec you will also need a Québec Acceptance Certificate (QAC). Note that you must have an admission letter first before applying for a study permit. Delays to obtain the QAC and the study permit respectively are 20 working days and one week.

For more details go to:
Quebec immigration

5 – Participate in the Permanent Resident program

The Permanent Residence (PR) allows you to live in Canada permanently. With this status you can settle in any city and work for any employer. Permanent residents also have certain rights, just like Canadian citizens, and later on they are able to apply for citizenship. You will also have the obligation to stay in Canada for at least two years within a period of 5 years.
To obtain permanent residency you must send your application to the Canadian government. However, most of provinces oblige applicants to go through the stage of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), before sending the federal application. In Quebec for example you must be selected by the Quebec government to obtain a Selection Certificate (SC).
The SC application can be done by the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), which allows temporary workers, who have occupied for at least 12 months a skilled job (levels 0, A or B according to the National Occupational Classification) and foreign graduates from Quebec (or future graduates), to get the SC faster (1 month on average). With your SC you will then be able to send your application for the permanent residence to the federal stage.
Delays to obtain the RP vary by province. To give you an idea people around me usually get the PR after 1 year.

For more details :
Quebec immigration



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