Pascal Le Boulanger

In France there are bakeries on every street corner. There are no less than 35,000, that is to say about one bakery for 1900 inhabitants. If we applied this ratio to the city of Quebec, that would give a total of 287 bakeries. But when you do a quick search on Google you realize that in reality there are only about thirty bakeries: we understand better why in Quebec the phrase “go get bread” does not always refer to baguette.

Recently I was rather in a greedy mood, probably due to a lack of sugar in my body. So to overcome this deficiency I decided to go through Quebec City, in order to discover craft bakers. So with Panda we started to look for the best addresses of the city.

Our tour of the bakeries starts from Saint-Jean street. The program includes several stop-offs, from Old Québec to Saint-Roch, via Cartier and Limoilou. After passing through different places, we were delighted but also a little bit torned, a mixture of beautiful surprises and disappointments. On our way we even discovered a French bakery of which the only French thing was the name. Our marathon was almost coming to an end, but before it ended we had one last address to discover. And for this final stage we had to go to Stoneham. Would the best boulangerie in Quebec City be somewhere else?

Here we go for Stoneham, in the direction of Pascal Le Boulanger! Our destination, located 20 minutes from Quebec by car, is close to the ski slopes and Jacques-Cartier National Park. For the ski or nature lovers the bakery turns out to be an ideal place to take a gourmet break.

On site we were pleasantly surprised by the large quantity of products that can be found there. That was a change compared to other places where the choice was much more limited. In the line we almost felt suffocated, between the crowd and the sweet treats. At Pascal’s place you find everything. Savories, pastries, bread, cheese, cold meats too. All these things looked appetizing. Logically, it made us want to taste everything.

We took the time to have lunch there and then came the time to do our little shopping: the choice promised to be difficult. A few minutes later we left from Pascal … loaded – a dozen pastries, bread and cheese. We did not make the trip for nothing after all.

Back in Quebec our marathon ended but another one awaited us. Time for the tasting now. It promised to be just as much challenging.

Our verdict? Some pastries were a bit too sweet, but overall the bakery is a great place for pastry lovers. Worth discovering!


Pascal Le Boulanger
2 Avenue Tewkesbury
Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QC G3C
Telephone: (418) 912-8501
Openings: Tuesday to Sunday


Other addresses:
– Le Croquembouche
– Gaël Vidricaire
– Paillard


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