photo rakiWho are you?

I’m a discreet Parisian, calm, in love with life, listener, observer,  cheerful,  joker and always ready for new discoveries. My main strength is my good mood!

I recently arrived in Quebec and my idea was to share my experience with you, whether in terms of travel, restaurants, bars, but also on a cultural aspect. I am not mandated by any organization, all the addresses I talk about are places I went to, so tested and approved. You can always complain by sending me a comment or a message if you don’t like some of my proposals !

In real life (yes I have a real job!) I work as an analyst in an big insurance company after having worked several years in the IT consulting field, through many projects in several companies. I’d like to clarify the fact that despite what people may think, working in IT doesn’t necessarily mean someone behind a computer with glasses, a Star Wars shirt and greasy hair, even if that is sometimes the case I have to admit.

Welcome to my blog and do not hesitate to write me if you have any questions, see you soon!