Noctem Artisans Brasseurs

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A few months ago a new microbrewery opened in the Saint-Roch district. After the Korrigane, the Barberie, here is the Noctem. Things always come in threes. At the entrance you see a cat on the sign. There is also one on the door. Is there a cat hidden inside bar? I have to inspect the facilities to make sure of it.

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Pub St-Alexandre


If you hang aroung on Saint-Jean street you will definitely pass by the St-Alexandre pub, an English pub.

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Pub du Parvis

IMG_5907You wonder why a poutine picture right? Just because I didn’t have another. The picture doesn’t represent the place at all but I went there during the poutine week, which took place in February, and during which many restaurants offer their original recipe. So I tasted the one from the Pub du Parvis, who had prepared a poutine recipe with lamb, and which was very good.
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