3 road trips ideas in Canada

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As we all know all roads lead to Rome. In Canada they often lead to Quebec. The city is located in the center of the province, which is convenient for those who wish to discover the area. This is why Quebec is often part of stops of a trip to Canada. Its territory is huge and it is easy to get lost in it. Therefore, to help you find your way in this big space, I offer some ideas of travel itineraries.

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When autumn comes

autaumn3 (Copier)Autumn in Quebec is a season that does not last very long, indeed the cold arrives quickly. This is a period when temperatures drop suddenly and make us almost forget about the feeling of the sun on our skin. The trees are gradually emptied of their leaves. The days are becoming less sunny too. Summer is long gone.

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10 questions an immigrant in Quebec City asks himself on his arrival

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The life of an immigrant is not a long quiet river. Indeed it is not easy to adapt when you arrive in another country, even less when you are part of a visible minority. My family has lived these moments in France, I lived them , I face them again here in Quebec.

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Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

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Hello, I’m back after 10 intense days at the Quebec City Summer Festival! Today we are going to the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier.

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How to survive the cold?

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Is it cold in Quebec City? This is the question people often ask me, but is it really a myth? Legend tells that the temperatures can go below -50 ° C. In 1816 there would have even been a year without summer!
Winter in Quebec City usually begins in November and ends around May, if it wants to. Winter is often feared and sometimes hated, winter is inevitable, winter is endless. When this period is close this feeling of fear arrives at the same time, and everyone tries as they can to survive the low temperatures. Here is a small survival guide that can be useful if you have to face the big cold!

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Do you understand Quebec French?

Tetes-a-claquesWhen you arrive in Quebec and you speach French, you feel safe because the province is francophone. But even if you master the language of Molière it is difficult sometimes to understand a Quebecer. Here are some tips to help you tame the Quebec language!

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Quebec City Guide


Welcome to the city guide of Quebec made ​​in Paris !

Here are my favorite addresses in terms of places to visit, restaurants, bars, but also things to see or to do.
Feel free to send me your comments or suggestions, see you soon!