Salmon and cucumber maki

maki saumon concombreIn recent years Japanese restaurants are popping up all over France, and as in Europe they are popular in Canada. It seems that Quebec is following this trend: restaurateurs are taking advantage of this craze for Japanese cuisine and many chain restaurants have emerged.
Although we love to go to the restaurant it is also nice to be home sometimes. Or when you’re at home and you start feeling the sushi or maki urge, the simplest solution is to call the nearest the delivery man. But is it really difficult to make them yourself? You like Japanese food and you have time ? Well that’s perfect because today I offer you a maki workshop!

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Blanquette of veal

IMG_1291 (Copier)

Today we try a great classic of French cuisine. Will your grandmother be surprised?

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Lobster and its cream, melting potatoes and mashed cauliflower

With the start of the lobster’s season I was curious to try the lobster from Quebec. It’s done now!

Here’s the recipe!

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Pepper and tomato soup


This winter I woke up a Sunday morning and I realized that my fridge was empty. What can you do when you are hungry and it is like real cold outside? I found some peppers, tomatoes, bacon in the fridge and I decided to improvise a soup. It’s simple, it’s healthy, and it’s very good!

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Beef Bo Bun

IMG_5997A classic of Asian cuisine! In Laos we call it Bun Bi. I never really needed to cook this dish because I very often had the opportunity to enjoy the one of my mom. As I am far now and because you don’t cross the oceans everyday I decided to cook this dish myself!

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Preserved lamb and his couscous

FullSizeRenderSometimes you have to be patient when you want to eat well! That day I just wanted to eat a good meal and I believe I wasn’t in a hurry. I found some lamb in the fridge and I decided to make a preserved lamb with a couscous, a real treat!

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