How to use a wok: tips and recipes


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Beef and vegetable stir fry

IMG_9289 (Copier)

At my parents’ house my mother spends a lot of time in the kitchen, while my father is playing guitar, organ or is singing karaoke. Classic for an Asian family you will tell me.

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Green papaya salad

IMG_9082(1) (Copier)

The papaya salad is like a little story of my life. I have been eating this dish since I was a little boy, not to say baby: at family dinners, at weddings, even at Christmas. Okay I’m exaggerating a little bit but it’s almost that.

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Beef Bo Bun

IMG_5997A classic of Asian cuisine! In Laos we call it Bun Bi. I never really needed to cook this dish because I very often had the opportunity to enjoy the one of my mom. As I am far now and because you don’t cross the oceans everyday I decided to cook this dish myself!

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