Ciel! Bistro-Bar

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Rooftops appeared in New York and then gradually invaded the big cities of the world: London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, and through Singapore … People go there to have a drink, to eat or even for parties. Nowadays there are many in France and I even had the opportunity to try a few in Paris last summer.
In Quebec you won’t have the chance to enjoy rooftops but you will a rotating restaurant instead, Ciel! Bistro-Bar, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

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Patente Et Machin

IMG_6706 (Copier)The Saint-Sauveur district is located in lower Town of Quebec, close to the famous Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Renowned for its shops, the area has also many restaurants, including Patente and Machin. People are talking a lot about it and I was looking forward to try the place so we went there one night with friends for dinner!

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Île d’Orléans is characterized by its landscapes and local products. There you will find vineyards (wine, cider), honey and maple, but not only. During the sugar season in spring, when the maple tree sap begins, you can also enjoy a traditional meal around the maple syrup. Some maple syrup producers have restaurants, in that case you have the possibility to eat there.

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Chez Boulay

IMG_6066Located on the famous Saint- Jean street in Old Town, Chez Boulay offers traditional revisited cuisine with local products. Opened in 2012, the restaurant is named with the chef Jean -Luc Boulay’s name, who had the good idea to hire a young talented chef, Arnaud Marchand, who was finalist of the TV show Les Chefs in 2010.

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L’Affaire est Ketchup

IMG_6205The Saint-Roch district is one of the nice areas in the city of Quebec, in which you can find the biggest library of the city, auditoriums, galleries but also many cafes, bars and restaurants. Among all those restaurants, the Affaire est Ketchup restaurant is a safe bet.

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